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 God is the owner and giver of all things; we are but stewards, trustees, and managers of His possessions. We believe that it is a privilege to be able to give to support the people and ministries that God has entrusted to Higher Level Worship Baptist Church. We consider giving as an act of worship in response to God’s grace (2 Cor. 8:7).

Giving is a crucial part of our living in obedience to God. We are to give voluntarily, willingly, and eagerly.

  • Giving is an active demonstration of faith. When we give, we demonstrate that we trust God to provide all of our needs no matter the circumstances.
  • Giving is an expression of gratitude to God for all He has done for us. We freely choose to participate in giving as we acknowledge God’s desire to bless us as He blesses others through us.
  • Giving on a consistent basis displays faithfulness, discipline, and integrity. Through our faithful giving, we prove to be faithful stewards of all God has entrusted to us.


Your contribution statement is available through the finance administrator. To receive a tax deductible contribution statement at the end of the calendar year, please ensure that we have your current address and that you write clearly on the tithe/offering envelope. Click here to update contact information.